Scattered Thoughts

Strophe 1 I am dying Drowning in emotions Thoughts tied my legs Pulling me to sea feet I am dying In the hopelessness Bubbles of air Not reaching the apparent I am dying Letting my hands spread out With no thought Accepting the spot I am dying Letting rope tighten Stopping my breathe Sea bequeath... Continue Reading →


Hi Yaar

Hi Yaar, Our friendship survived the test of time, but still face judgmental looks of people while walking on the road. The one who could never find a best friend in opposite gender created non-sensible saying, 'Boy and girl can never be friends' - but the best part is we never cared and it never... Continue Reading →

Last Monologue 

On the night of Cimmerian shades Ode of hope fades I heard a sharp thunder Sky burst asunder Every humor sounded slander Dangling in the storm dander Roaring winds bane ear Words of love stooped to whisper I was drowning Sailing boat of insecurities In the ocean of fear Rowing alone with no hand of... Continue Reading →


Technology is the name of advancement where human relations are balanced on phones and laptops. When we come together we watch movies, playing games in phones or chat with our friends.  Our weekends still deals with mails and letters displaying on screens of laptops on our laps. Contrarily, the recent gathering I attended is fun.... Continue Reading →

Hi Mom

Hi mom, When you said, you are leaving to grandmother's village for a week, I agreed. I thought 7 days will fly like wind. You arranged everything before leaving; my laundry, provision for food and instruction to maid. These problems which are treated to be huge are very small before those small problems which became... Continue Reading →


Recalling that incident after 10 years, I question sanity of education system and beliefs we are inculcated with. I was 11 years old nerd, believed and followed teachers and their teachings - but I didn't understand that one thing, neither then nor now. Why is it such a big thing to bleed? except pain we... Continue Reading →

Mind’s Theater

She sat in the Starbucks cafe, sipping her coffee and staring out of the window. The blood stained knife lay next to her handbag, covered with her blue silk scarf. She stared at ticking watch belted to her wrist for a moment which pointed long hand at six and short at eleven, before returning to... Continue Reading →

Doodle Dairies

My cousins - boy aging two(2) years and girl six(6) months younger to him picked up crayons near them and started scribbling on walls, floor and even on papers near them. This cute disaster made us smile - kids possess great quality of converting annoyance to laugh. Keeping aside work they left to catch up... Continue Reading →

Fly to heal your broken wings..

One harsh push from him landed her on knees. She sobbed, blood oozing from one corner of lip and tears from eyes. Warm tears burned her swollen cheek. She sobbed between four walls which are used to her screams. Window grills failed to bend loose for escape - she never tried to escape or fight.... Continue Reading →

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